This site is to demonstrate a selection of my photographic styles. Based in the North East of England, I find myself ideally placed for ready access to a wide selection of classic landscapes, from sea, over moor and dale, to mountains and fell.

It is this variety I am wanting to capture when out and about with my camera(s) through the seasons of the year. In order to present this best I am taking a leaf out of a famous photographer’s book, and be content with, and show, in my annual galleries, 12 good pictures a year.

Am coming at this from the wrong direction as am going to have a ‘retrospective’ session first, starting in January 2016. I’ll give a bit of the ‘technicals’ on the images, but mainly the reasoning and what I was trying to achieve – I’ll let you decide if it did!

I am going to try to not just copy what has gone before, but to try to see, and show, things a little differently. We shall see how it goes.

Potential future locations

Whilst out and about, like many of you, I am struck by locations that may be ideal for a visit at a future time. Here, the old adage about always having a camera with you, comes true. Fortunately, a I always have my phone I also always have a ‘camera’ so some locations taken on the spur of the moment can be revisited and worked up into a ‘proper’ photograph later.


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